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Hillingdon Hospital 8 Floor Tower

Brand’s Design Director, Ed Goldney, was tasked with providing a lighting design, lighting control and addressable emergency lighting design that not only met the CIBSE SSL design guidelines, set out within LG2, but could be delivered within days of order placement whilst also providing a cost saving to meet a modest budget.

8 floors of lighting were designed quickly and competently, and all deliveries of product were made on time, with not even a single day of delay, that was over 1,500 luminaires made in the UK delivery on time. The commissioning of the addressable emergency lighting was one of the most successful projects undertaken at the site. This was due to an extremely competent and experienced electrical contractor in W Portsmouth, excellent planning, and a coherent line of communication with same day replies with technical back-up when required. The NHS trust now has automated email notification of faults/test enabling swift action to be taken when/if required in the coming years.

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