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Inspired Villages

Inspiring a generation……..


Inspired Villages ethos is simple. “We put the health and happiness of our residents at the heart of everything we do, with the promise of a life less ordinary for today's generation of retirees.. This motivation influences every part of an Inspired village - from the service levels of our team through to the planning and design of the village itself.”  Lighting is one of the most important considerations to deliver the ultimate residential village experience.


Using our preferred partners Beautifully Lit range of luminaires we have delivered a unique recipe of light expertly crafted to bring out textures and finishes. The whole range comes together in harmony - bringing seamless beauty to any space. Used throughout all communal and common areas we have provided a well-lit environment that promotes mobility, socializing and interest. Our solution highlights and enhances the luxury high end design that has been delivered with great success.




The circular model recognizes that we must value virgin materials and not treat them as single-use materials.

In practice this means using less virgin materials when manufacturing products, but more importantly, designing products to last much longer, with spare parts and which are fully repairable. The aim is that the materials have a longer life and that the materials re-enter the cycle when no longer needed, meaning we use less virgin materials.

All our products from the start of 2023 are circular economy developed:

- Less virgin materials in primary manufacture

- 20-year spare parts and repair, an initial 5 year free warranty spare parts and repair service.

- End-of-life service where we take back fittings, repair and test returned products so that they can go back into standard stock.

- Vegan ink used on labels (no animal by product is needed in ink)

- Only recycled packaging is used to dispatch products

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