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Events Room - Porsche Reading

'Porsche' - a name synonymous with style, performance and quality.

We were pleased to be contacted by the famous German marque who were undertaking a complete refurbishment of the events room at their flagship Reading showroom.

Used variously for internal meetings and customer events, the room wasn't particularly well suited to either usage and certainly lacked the wow factor for entertaining the clients of a brand as prestigious as Porsche.

Lighting design for a project of this type is about striking the right balance between functionality and effect, so that the two quite different lighting requirements are both satisfied. It must be versatile without being over complicated for people actually using it. Designing a stunning lighting system for a high end retail space is self defeating if it can only be used by a qualified lighting engineer. 

Scene setting is therefore provided by a Lutron panel incorporating a DMX controller. This was fully programmed and commissioned by BRAND engineers in close discussion with the Porsche team so that at the very simple touch of a button they can completely change the mood and perception of the space. 

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