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Year Product Warranty

Flood 7

Asymmetric/Symmetric LED Floodlight

Designed and engineered in the UK specifically to meet the requirements for sports lighting and to reduce light pollution levels. The Flood 7 is a high specification floodlight with a 70,000 hour lifespan, 7 year guarantee and 2 year on site warranty.

• Genuine replacement for 250/400/600W Metal Halide/Sodium Floodlight
• Perfect for sports, building facade’s, landscape, security & car park lighting
• Asymmetric distribution, low light pollution (Asymmetric version)
• Up to 133 Lm/W
• Surge protected 10,000V (250/240W) & 4000V (80W) for lighting protection
• Cool White
• Aerodynamic, streamlined design for reduced windage
• Fully encapsulated IP66 TUV certified driver
• Nichia GRT-V1 LED / Meanwell Driver
• Long life 70,000 hours (L80 B10 @ 25°C)
• Robust construction IP66
• Standard universal mounting bracket
• Supplied pre-flexed (1.5M), tool free entry and construction for simple and quick installation
• Air pressure equalisation feature to elimate capillary effect

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