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St Albans Cathedral

After the Norman invasion of 1066, William the Conqueror appointed Paul of Caen as the first Norman abbot of St Albans and commissioned a new church. Originally founded as a monastery in 793, Paul of Caen began the rebuilding work, including of the Tower which still stands today. This Norman church was built from bricks and tiles saved from the ruins of Roman Verulamium. This ambitious project was completed in 1115.

Our role was to survey the existing lighting which was either beyond or near end of life and propose a new lighting solution which was strictly to only use existing fixings/points to due strict policies of protection outlined by English Heritage. The existing lighting controls were constantly failing, Dynalite now part of Philips, and the Cathedral team have had on going issues in obtaining site support to resolve issues.

The lighting controls solution implemented was Lutron HomeWorks using a mix of DALI and mains dimmable modules to provide a functional and enhanced lighting design.  All existing tungsten stage lighting projectors were specified as new LED variants with improved optics to deliver a far better design maximizing the requirement for filming for TV purposes. Surface wiring was added to enhance focal points throughout the Cathedral such as illuminating tapestries, altars, tombs, and the many wonderful architectural features around every corner.

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